letters for a certain nobody #1.

19th December, 2016.
1:24 am.

everything is a little hazy tonight- almost like i’ve been drugged, and your name has become a martyr- fighting a losing battle for structure on my lips.

i can’t seem to remember how you had etched your entire life on your fingertips in a single night, when the echoes of their voices seemed trapped in the marrow of your bones, and you could hear their sighs wrap around your tongue like a brittled wisp of desert air thirsting for recognition. but you did. maybe you could remind me again someday when your teeth are closer to my ears than they are today.

fourteen years are a long time to think of someone every time you open your palm to seize their fingers (paused in hesitation a few mere inches from your face), and watching your frangible phantasms flitter away-

and yet, on nights like this, when the windows rattle from their lack of faith, i press the phonetics of your anonym into my sheets, and watch my silent lover drape her elbows over my breast and hum a lullaby composed of their garbled connotations.

you’re not here anymore- and still it feels like you’ve been here for that moment when the earth tilted on it’s axis and it’s magnetic dipoles were working against us with each step we tried to take away from each other.

but you haven’t been here for a long time now-
for longer than i have had this name.
and for longer than i have known the definition of longing.



9 thoughts on “letters for a certain nobody #1.

  1. I dont why I never stumbled here before! 😀 You have bled many verses here! Well, I dont know why I cant like your posts plus I cant reblog it into my site! 😦 Anyway, you are one haunting chick, you know that, right?! I envy you :* Your font color is giving me a headache, so I copy pasted it into word doc and read 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL sorry, I really can’t do anything with the font color because being a chepo comes with it’s own price 😛 Anyways, do you try your phone app? If something is wrong maybe your net speed it too slow? It happens a lot with me. But thanks! Your review means the world you know that♥

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks babe… so yea i am fed up with ma net n blog website… so i am gonna stalk u through ma phone. You are really hanuting… simply mind blowing where do you get all these?? Are u having metaphor for lunch n barf poetry for dinner :))


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