where eyes beat for hearts.

there are bones under your bed-
whole skeletons with no hearts,
but eyes that blink
seventy-two times in a minute.

they’re closer to your hands
on nights when
your fingertips hang on to a
doorknob, that bleeds every time
it’s turned to let someone

someone is always walking out.

there’s too much blood
for a heart to pump
and still flutter
in anticipation of
another breath


••ari purkayastha


9 thoughts on “where eyes beat for hearts.

  1. There was a shiver (somewhat pleasurable) in the macabre quality of this. But I also caught the hints of melancholy. In the end my mood was in shadow, and I’m reveling in the shape and power of what words can do. You have mystified me and at the same time given a warning to not look too closely.

    I am reminded of Poe’s The Telltale Heart. And of the losses our generation went through in 2016.

    Kudos for a though-provoking ride.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Iris. Truly, this year was a terrible one. I don’t think we’ve ever lost so many in a single year. I’m glad this poem could mystify you. I was a little worried that it was perhaps a little too gory, the imagery a little too macabre for people’s liking. Glad you liked it😊


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