“I’m an autumn leaf, fluttering with loneliness on a naked branch.. where I observe the world, like a specter. It’s all fleeting moments, entwined with cold mornings fading into frosted evenings. Never still, yet never moving.”

Loneliness is such. It’s like a beautiful painting weeping raindrops on my windowsill, and I being an addict, get drugged by the fragile pitter-patter of falling hopes..

There are moments in our lives, when all of us, even the strongest and the most independent of us, feel alone. At that time of night, when you are on your bed, and abandoned by sleep itself, there is no life to keep you company. No one other than the overwhelming darkness that is. At that point in your life when you are stranded at an empty bus stand, and even nature mourns your vacancy in her torrent of rains, and wails through her earth shattering thunder, you wonder, I wonder, if truly we have anyone?

Fallen Alone are such empty desires that run through the veins of such a person, who is just searching for someone to complete the chipped pieces lost to the flood of time. When I write, it’s just me, and my millions of thoughts that threaten to drown me every second of the day. It’s like letting a torrent of insanity loose on the keyboard or the paper.

I am Ra’ahe Khayat, and let me make you fall into the rabbit hole breathing in my mind..



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