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Book news—

As some of ya’ll might be aware of, I occasionally write for Sudden Denouement: A Global Divergent Literary Collective. A couple of months ago, the editors approached me to contribute to the new anthology they were curating along with the other members of the collective; and what an honor it has been to be a part of this extremely talented group. The book came out on the 20th of June, and I promise you, it is easily one of the best collection of poems you’d ever read. I really really hope ya’ll check it out, because it is just so worth it. Trust me.

Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

40616254.jpgAnthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective is a thoughtfully curated compendium of the best writing published online by the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective from its launch in August of 2016 through April 2018. It includes 138 pieces of cutting-edge poetry, prose and short fiction written by 29 diverse writers from England, Romania, Japan, India, Finland, the United States and Canada. Thirty-one of the 138 pieces were written exclusively for the Anthology. This volume captures the astonishing raw power of these individual and united poetic voices.

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Advance praise—

“If you find yourself hungry for the kind of words that walk boldly into the dark filled spaces of your poetic heart, be prepared to put your dancing shoes on.  This anthology is a collective kaleidoscope of fragmented and pulsing light from some of the most talented writers around the globe.”Alfa

“One of the delights of this collection is the sheer diversity of voices, unconstrained, with differing syntax, forms, loss of form, deliberate omissions and styles, one moment you are reading a condensed prose-poem about the origin of life, the next a confessional bleeding rip from the heart about love and drugs. Nowhere else in modern collections have I found such a mélange of tongues, all begging questions, responses, emotions, some disgust, horror, desire. Volume 1 is a true kaleidoscope of the human experience, doused in realism and the phantasmagoric with absolutely no brake fluid.”Candice Louisa

“In fact, this book served as a literary map leading me through landscapes of the human experience not found in other poetry and prose that I had read elsewhere. This is due in part to the curators’ attention to diversity of experience and culture. I marveled at the harmony of voices, each speaking truth from its corner of the world.”Mariah Voutilainen

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The resurrection of Ophelia

This is a very very unofficial announcement of my first book that I’ve thought of writing. It is a collection of poems, and I swear to you, it is going to rip into your souls and feed on your heart.

I will have more details on it once I have made some headway into the book, but so far, I’m just building up the skeleton because the story I want to tell is far to vulnerable and much too delicate, I fear it would shatter if I don’t tread carefully. I will however be posting little snippets of the book on my social medias. For me, writing a book takes too much courage, and just the idea of it is already killing me, so I hope you would be as excited by the idea of it as I am.


Social media news—

I’ve just made a facebook and a goodreads page since I now have an official book in the market to my name (even if it is an anthology lol :3), so will you please please pretty please give it a like/follow? I’m also attaching my twitter and instagram page, and if you’re not following me yet, you should, because I will be posting all about the The Resurrection of Ophelia on there♥

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